In The Fray

"In The Fray" was recorded mostly live in my small studio, located in a funky marina on the Seattle waterfront. I often feel like artist's demo recordings are more enjoyable to listen to then the polished album. Sometimes an element of emotion can get lost in the pursuit of perfection. This album was an attempt to capture that raw grit, but push it a bit farther than I might if the sole purpose was just to get the idea down. It is a sparse musical landscape, often just vocal and guitar performed live, sometimes delving into lush vocal arrangements and occasional upright bass accompaniment. My music references folk, bluegrass, country blues, roots rock, old gospel songs....I think this album really reflects those influences. I was fortunate to have Bradford Loomis, Beth Whitney, and Bella Terazza on vocal harmonies, along with Aaron Fishburn on upright bass on three of the songs. Hope you like it!